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What some of our customers have to say.

"I have had your mailbag for the last year and I am truly impressed. Installing it on my steel garage door was a snap as there were no tools required! I can not believe how secure the bag attaches to the garage door and how much mail it holds. The bag was big enough to hold all my Christmas catalogs and mail while I was away for a week over the holiday. I no longer worry about damaging or losing my mail."
- Carolyn C. / California

"There are various methods of mail delivery to the home such as mailbox, mail slot in the door, mail slot in the garage, and (in my case) mail slot into a hall closet.

The problem I faced prior to the Mail Bag was, the mail getting scattered onto the floor and I'd end up having to fish them out of the shoes and everywhere else it flew off to within the hall closet.

Installation of the Mail Bag was relatively simple. Use of a ruler or measuring tape is required, as well as a screw driver or drill with a Phillips head. It installed in about 10 minutes. Once the Mail Bag was installed, it did exactly what I wanted it to do. I saved the trouble of having to fish my scattered mail from the floor & shoes, keeping it safely in the bag. Now I just walk into the closet, reach into the bag and pull my mail out.

It achieved all of my expectations and has made things simpler for me. I'm very happy with my bag and Love it!"
-Ruben S. / California

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