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Protect your mail so you do not have to worry.

Keeping your mail safe, it has become a major concern in today's world especially with Identity Theft and Fraud being one of the fastest growing crimes. Our Mail Slot Mailbag securely holds your mail, preventing it from scattering onto the garage floor, being driven over, or your pet using it as a chew toy. "Safe Mail" collects and holds your mail taking away the worry of anyone getting to it before you do.

The bag is made of a durable canvas reinforced with a steel rod that adjusts to any position of your garage door. This unique patented design guarantees that your mail will stay in the bag no matter what position the garage door is in. The canvas bag is large enough to accommodate all sizes of mail and can hold up to 5 pounds. The soft flexible canvas bag; ensures that your car will not be damaged if you should accidently park too close.

Our mailbag easily installs in minutes on any type of garage door – wood, metal (steel, aluminum), fiberglass or composite. The pre-assembled mailbag includes all hardware and step by step directions for quick installation. Backed by a one-year warranty and our 30-day return policy, we are positive that you will find that "Safe Mail" keeps your mail safe.

Testimonial: I have had your mailbag for the last year and I am truly impressed. Installing it on my steel garage door was a snap as there were no tools required! I can not believe how secure the bag attaches to the garage door and how much mail it holds. The bag was big enough to
hold all my Christmas catalogs and mail while I was away for a week over the holiday. I no longer worry about damaging or losing my mail.

- Carolyn C. / California

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